Einstein’s Question

EQ Softback Cover

Einstein’s Question – A Novel by Steve & Deja Whitehouse

Einstein’s Question – Kindle Edition

“Welcome.  Welcome, Edward Sedgley, to the Holy Planet!” 

With this greeting, Dr Edward Sedgley, a theoretical physicist, embarks on a journey that begins with his Noviciate to become one of the Guardians, extra-terrestrial beings responsible for the stability of the Universe.  He and his study companion Rabyd, metamorphose into a single entity, Tresargus, which is instrumental in preventing the invasion of Earth by the Zetoids, an alien life form bent on universal expansion and domination.

His former friends and colleagues are caught up in the conflict and together their experiences take them through and beyond space and time, bringing them face to face with unknown entities whose own equally valid will to exist challenges any inflated notions of human pre-eminence.  Like Edward before them, his fellow humans are forced to acknowledge the damage they have wrought on their own planet and their involvement in destabilising the entire Cosmos.  Their universe is only one of many that comprise the Multiverse, and it now faces destruction at the hands of renegade entities formed from sub-atomic particles.  Survival of the Multiverse and continued Existence can only come at a price – but who will atone and how?

This novel is the ultimate fantasy for those who ponder the Cosmos: quantum theory, mathematics, philosophy and religion are woven into a story that is more Scientific Fiction than Science Fiction.  Einstein’s Question – “Did God have a choice when He created the universe?” is addressed but readers will be left with questions of their own.



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