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Deja May 2013I grew up on a diet of myths and legends: Greek, Norse and Arthurian and developed an early passion for fantasy novels.  I inherited my fascination in the occult from my father, who introduced me to the writings of Colin Wilson and Dennis Wheatley.  A summer job in the local library enabled me to indulge this fascination and I worked my way through the astrology and esoteric sections.  I also bought my first set of tarot cards and the collection continues to grow even today.

I have been writing in one form or another all my life, starting with a poem published in a school magazine. Before taking a career break my day job was business change analysis, producing detailed process documentation as well as developing business-focused training materials.

There were various writing projects: anecdotes, short stories and early chapters of a fantasy novel, but apart from a letter in a woman’s magazine, nothing made it as far as publication.  It was only after the death of my parents, when my husband asked me to collaborate on his science fiction novel, that I really knuckled down and focused on writing.  Over the next two years we worked together and finished “Einstein’s Question”. We were unsuccessful in securing an agent so we opted to self-publish, but what we learnt and the contacts we made as a result of this project have proved invaluable.  It also gave me the incentive to complete my own first solo novel, The Knight in the Attic, part thriller/mystery, part romantic fantasy set in a Middlesex village.

Sadly I failed to find a publisher but I’d been well and truly bitten by the researching bug.  Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, and the intercession and assistance of some truly amazing people I enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol.  I am now in my final year researching the life and works of Frieda, Lady Harris: wife of a Liberal MP, mother of two, artist, esotericist and suffragette.

During my studies, I completed a three month engagement at the Warburg Institute cataloguing Frieda Harris’s correspondence. I have contributed an article to the Chipping Campden History Society’s journal on Frieda Harris’s wartime retreat in the Cotswolds and presented my research at the Theosophical Society in Edinburgh (March 2017) and the Glastonbury Occult Conference (February 2019), as well as local interest groups.



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