About Me

Deja May 2013I grew up on a diet of myths and legends: Greek, Norse and Arthurian and developed an early passion for fantasy novels.  I inherited my fascination in the occult from my father, who introduced me to the writings of Colin Wilson and Dennis Wheatley.  A summer job in the local library enabled me to indulge this fascination and I worked my way through the astrology and esoteric sections.  I also bought my first set of tarot cards and the collection continues to grow even today.

I have been writing in one form or another all my life, starting with a poem published in a school magazine. I collaborated with my husband on a science-fiction novel, and have written short stories, anecdotal articles and an urban fantasy novel, as yet unpublished.

After 25 years in business analysis and training consultancy, I turned my back on commercial employment and enrolled as a postgraduate candidate at the University of Bristol, researching the life and works of Frieda, Lady Harris: wife of a Liberal MP, mother of two, artist and esotericist. I was awarded my doctorate in January 2020, since which time I have continued my research, whilst bolstering my income as a freelance writer.

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